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Founded in 2002

High-tech company specializing in the development of circuit board automation equipment. Since the company developed the first CCD image alignment automatic target drilling machine for self-use in 2002, it has been focusing on CCD image alignment motion control products. The senior executives of the company have many years of industry experience in the operation of circuit board factories and are familiar with the process and quality requirements of circuit board factories. Therefore, the automation equipment developed is extremely practical and convenient. Main products: CCD image registration automatic screen printing machine, CCD image registration punch automatic feeder, CCD image registration automatic target drilling machine, line (open circuit, short circuit) image inspection machine, energy-saving UV machine, etc. With the continuous improvement of circuit board quality requirements and the rising labor cost, the competition of circuit board factories is largely the competition of equipment. This is precisely for the “science and technology is the first "Productivity" is the best understanding. The circuit board factory must take the road of automation if it wants to take the initiative in the cruel market competition in the future. It is the best choice for the PCB industry to replace manual work with machinery and equipment! ! ! As a participant in the automation process of the circuit board industry, we deeply feel the responsibility and opportunity. We strive to become the leader of PCB automation equipment image alignment products! ! !

It is the company's strategic positioning to make high-quality equipment prices civilian. To make cost-effective products is the promise and goal of Zhunrui people.

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